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Script Ideas

Post by DividedThought on Sun Mar 02, 2014 8:53 pm

In a recent thread of mine, there were some good script ideas brought up, mainly a "seeker script" to help find one's true self. Another idea was a script to find which pony you are. On top of this I've had a few ideas myself recently such as a thread to help one establish a wonderland to assist with tulpa forming, or perhaps even a script to help one form a tulpa. 

Having recently started forming a tulpa myself I've found one of the more difficult parts of it is establishing and maintaining a wonderland. perhaps I've been going about it the wrong way but a friend of mine who is also trying to form a tulpa is having a lot of difficulty with the wonderland part, so I was thinking perhaps a script where a wonderland is described, either vaguely or in detail, may be beneficial.

as for the other ideas, I'm not sure where one would begin.

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Re: Script Ideas

Post by Star Shard on Tue Mar 04, 2014 7:26 am

Hmm, it is my personal experience that a true self or the correct pony cannot be found with the aid of guided hypnosis through files intended for everypony. As it is a process of introspection and self discovery of a very fluid and above all personal nature.

Which is also why recommend against writing hypnosis scripts to become ones true self character. As those would set the character in stone and resist any further discoveries down the line. 
The bland generic files are in that aspect a much safer route to take. 

As for the use of hypnosis files for tulpa formation. As far as I am aware, a Tulpa file already exists.
Nor are wonderlands strictly necessary for tulpa formation.

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