Eithteenth 3/4/2014

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Eithteenth 3/4/2014

Post by CrescentStar{Digi} on Tue Mar 04, 2014 1:08 am

Firstly, sorry for not posting the last few days.

Tulpamancy: Digi is a lot stronger now, but he isn't as strong as I want him to be before we move into him taking over the body. I haven't been forcing to much as of late, and I'm purely to blame due to my inability to chat with someone else who I have a hard time hearing.(In this case.) I also beleive a third tulpa formed.. I dunno if they think my mind is a mirror pool or these tulpas are resurfacing due to accidental creation back when I went into social isolation. Either way this one decided to take the form of Rainbow Dash.. I don't hear her or Fluttershy often.. I guess the three have nothing to say to me unless I talk to them. *Shrugs.*

Hypnosis: I reset myself yesterday from Twilight.. I feel she isn't working for me and I should try a different pony to see if results will be better/different. I'm still doing the blank mind hypnosis and picked up a suggestibility file to listen to. (Save your 'oh watch yourself ' speeches please.) I'm going to switch to Fluttershy and see if there is anything that is stronger. One day I do hope to see if my blank mind trigger would work if somepony else does it to me.. I also hope to find a master/mistress but that is another story.

Normal: Welp I've just been surviving the last week, our balances are in the red again so I had to put my foot down and tell Alek that he needs a job in the next month or this isn't going to work. Sadly this is our anniversary this month as well. This is a serious problem now.. I owe $100 to the electric company. *Sighs.* 
  Anyways we got a call earlier from my father, he went on vacation and got sick. Alek had the phone and was outside when dad called so I couldn't talk directly to him. My aunt called several hours later letting me know he was at her place, down in Maryland, and that I would have to help get his truck back up here.. or something. The details were vague. She mentioned about facebook and some other things and the conversation moved to that I didn't know dad was on vacation because of the fallout between him, me, and my boyfriend. 
  Welp! She mentioned that she 'saw it on facebook', I replied stating that it was kinda my "coming out of the closet'. Firstly my aunt is devoutly religious, I dunno what sect of christianity she is in but she is hardcore. She almost immediately tells me 'that is sad', of course I have to ask 'what is?' She murmered something about my being gay.. I didn't catch it fully. I responded happily and with a smile on my face "It's a shame that I'm choosing to express myself in the fashion I choose?" It took her a moment to respond with "Well we shouldn't talk about this." OMG It was beautiful to shut her up like that. The conversation moved on to the situation with my father being sick.. I laughed so hard when the conversation was over, it was golden!

Thanks once again for reading.
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