Twentieth 3/14/14 Pi day everypony!

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Twentieth 3/14/14 Pi day everypony!

Post by CrescentStar{Digi} on Fri Mar 14, 2014 11:54 am

Hey everypony, I haven't written in my journal lately cause there hasn't really been much going on.. Anyways to normal buisness.

Normal life: Financial issues continue to weigh on me. I wish to preorder Dark Souls 2 and replace my dead tarantulas but I do not have the money this coming month for catching everything up let alone get things for myself. I've also messed my sleep scedaul up again so I'm trying to fix that as well. I've also seemed to start becoming more attracted to the R63 version of the mane six. I honestly wish we had R 63 hypno files so I don't start mistaking myself as a mare.

Hypnosis: Nothing really new on this one, I have been lazy with listening to hypnosis. I'm starting to try to get back into it by looping fluttershy wile I'm on my games.. I hope this helps some.

Tulpamancy: Got another record on our hands folks. I'll admit that my focus on Digi kinda leaves Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash out of my conversing most of the time but I was able to hear a long thought trail from Rainbow Dash today:

<Oh, all right. There is plenty of room in here for me to spread my wings so it isn't to bad. Not only that but I have Fluttershy to keep company. Even though she isn't that great a conversationalist.>

This being talking with Raresies, she asked how she has been lately. So there is a bit of progress going on there. Also Digi is changing his colors again, his fur is now green and he used the excuse "Cause I wanna be like you." It's sweet he thinks that but I want him to be unique in his own way. My new goal is to figure out if I want to work on possession or continue working on visualization.. Both are going to be equally hard.
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