Entry 20: One of Those Entries

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Entry 20: One of Those Entries

Post by platinum on Sun Mar 16, 2014 5:05 pm

The title is as it since it has been about two months since I last posted in this journal. Now I'm not going to apologize for a lack of an entry, because there was really not a lot going on worth saying. To make my point I'll now sum up 2 months in seven bullets.

  • Dealt with something that kept me from being able to even loop a file properly.
  • With minimal file use, effects change minimal.
  • Over the last week or so I've been less talkative then I used to.
  • I lost about 25 pounds over the last 3 weeks. So, I am close to one of my goals for this year. (lose 45 pounds)
  • Had a reoccurring dream about doing paperwork.
  • Current semester GPA 1.2 with 2 failing classes. (the first bullet feeds a bit into this)
  • On the plus side if I can turn it around I may have a job lined up in June.

platinum signing out.
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