Days Three and Four

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Days Three and Four

Post by RustyHeart on Fri Apr 12, 2013 2:46 pm

***Note this journal was originally written Between April 10-11th***

Foxxxy informed me there was a 3.0 of the Twi file. Part of me was ecstatic at the thought but I quickly remembered the mare bits incident of the previous night. A few more of the advanced cases was more gradual progression with a big dip every other day. I in little more than five days have had near full body sensations and slight mental effects. So far the trigger phrase hasn't work so perhaps I am going along at the same speed as the others but it's so obvious to me. After hanging around the IRC while working on my homework somepony brought up an interesting idea. That one should loop the File in the background while performing other tasks. I was intrigued since because of the new puppy at home and being at the mercy of every sound in the house I usually had to wait until late at night so I could have peace and quiet. If the file is playing while I handle other stuff my subconscious should be able to pick up on it. I decided to try it that Thrusday morning throughout the day to see if I got any results.

Boy did I...before I get into that I'll cover Wednesday session since techincally I only had one.


Session 4# Time 12:58 a.m.
Pre-Trance: Normal, excited to be trying the 3.0 file. Sleep on the edge of pouncing but that isn't much to worry about.

>File Used Twilight-edited 3.0<

Observations: Plugged in the headphones and was a little jarred to hear a male voice after using the FemV for two days straight. I settled quickly and found the Blank Mind like intro to be quite helpful. My typical trance state of fading in and out began soon afterwards. Now I forgot to mention this in the IRC but I either fell asleep as pure the norm or I entered a deep trance state. In any case when I came to, I felt very warm like I was wrapped in something like fur. I couldn't say it was my blanket, because that thing is pretty thin and the only reason I still have it because it's been around forever. Back on point I think my brain couldn't process it and I rolled over snapping the trance. Annoyed by this I tried again, however, another trance state eluded me. After a third attempt I gave up and settled to sleep for the rest of the night.

Session Ended: 2:38 a.m.
Post-Trance: Groggy, yet rested. Annoyed that I may have broken my deepest trance state yet.

Final Thoughts

I think I can safely say that I went to sleep a little after 1 a.m. The file I used is about 45 minutes long so it's possible that the file I used looped at least twice. Using this line of thinking and considering the state I was in when I woke up, maybe I was going pony on a subconscious level? I can't be sure at this point though. In any case I feel like I had a good night's sleep so the session wasn't a total loss. Going to try an idea next session. Hope it works.

Day Four-Inner Unicorn

It happened today, I don't know what triggered it but something major happened! I had taken the advice of the pony from IRC and started looping Blank Mind and the edited 3.0 that I got from SparkingPony (*hugs threw internet*) Played it on the bus, when I ate breakfast, between the transition between classes, and on my walk to the Student Health and Activities center of my college. I took a break and played some Xenogears and League of Legends (0/4/39 Support Nami. SUCK IT ADC). Since I wanted to rest up before going to something I needed to do for school I decided to do a session while taking a nap...

Session 5#: Time-Roughly 2:24, *UNSURE*
Pre-Trance: Groggy for some reason, possible because I didn't eat lunch and had no desire to go all the way back across campus for a decent meal.

>Files Used: Blank Mind + Twilight edited 3.0 Looped by Sparking Pony<


Observations: I was worried that I probably wouldn't go into a proper trance because of the usual hussle of the SHAC and the place where I was going to take my nap. I probably wouldn't have even attempted it if for some odd reason none of my friends brought their game systems. Perhaps they were feeling the end of semester crunch as much as me? I pushed those thoughts aside and put on the Blank Mind file. The voice as always soothed me into a relaxed state and I started either fighting sleep or going into trance. Fading in and out I could only hear so much at any given time, though I couldn't feel any of my usual physical sensations. Feeling frustrated I got up for a moment and shook my head a bit. Settling down I decided to stop trying to fight sleep too much since I still had a good two hours before I had to leave. I went back to trance mode and a curious thing happened. My vision flashed blue for a second and my body jerked not unlike that first night. I breathed in hard and could have sworn I picked up something that shouldn't be in a place like the SHAC but it was gone so fast I couldn't tell what it had been.

As I said I stop fighting the urges to relax and sleep and I may have experienced a "trancehole" as Foxxxy puts it. I don't know how long I was out but something really...different happened. I had the sensation that something snapped,or fell away and my vision flashed yellow/gold for a moment and body felt like it was on fire or very warm. My coat was open so I couldn't blame that, everything hooves, rump, ears, horn all except the tail hit me like a hammer blow. I could sort of see things through Twilight's eyes and I had this random thought that I hadn't seen Shining Armor or Cadence for a while and planned a trip to the Crystal Kingdom. I also thought that I should bring Spike along because he would enjoy the gems. I slipped out of it and it seems like things jumped to having a bunch of book pages swirling around, another black out and though I could tell that the file was saying that Spike was berating Twilight I could hear it in his voice ever so slightly.

Not long after that the file ended and started it's loop but I thought it was a good time to get up. To my disappointment all the sensations collapsed as I set up. It had been an intense experience but fleeting. When I checked my Vita I still had an hour to go but when I checked my laptop to I think it's pentacheck the schedule for the bus I needed I found that it was an entire hour after I wanted to leave. Feeling throughly hosed I started panicing. What if it was over by the time I got there? What if the teacher, seeing noone there left anyway?! Foxxxy had to talk me down before I ran off and did something stupid. I gathered my breath and told myself I could easily reach it by taking the bus shuttle to the closet point and walking from there. In the end I DID miss it, by like two minutes but the teacher was cool and gave me the points anyway. I still felt miserable for missing it despite still getting credit because the cafe seemed like a good place to write.

Session Ended: 6:09 p.m.
Post Trance: Different, not sure pony different and well depressed I missed a school thing that I was actually looking forward to going to. Neck still feels hot and there is pressure on my head too. Oh and when I got up I felt like a tail fell out again. That passed quickly as well.

Final Thoughts

I really don't know how to feel about this, this dwarfed the last time I thought I felt ponified. I mean I actually SAW and HEARD things this time if just slightly. I'm going to chalk such a reaction because I was listening to the files practically all day today. Hmm I wonder if it will carry over or was it just a big payout because of what I was doing...?

Anyway I hope to find that out, I spoke with Foxxxy and she agreed to a one on one session so Day Five-Session Six is going to be quite special if everything I heard about her is true. Rarity, Cherry and I think one more can vouch and I'll have to talk to Sparking if I can since he was in a session before I bit it for the night. I am VERY excited I could just pop.

Added Thoughts: Silly pony is silly, Foxxxy reminded me about something very important. Must be the lack of brain food...When she was talking me down she referred to me as Twilight the entire time and I really didn't notice it. I just let it go while I was babbling like a certain bookish pony about being tardy. After my unorthodox cold shower and trip home I guess I was myself again. When I looked back at the logs my jaw dropped, I knew it had happened but I was still stunned that I had not objected or referred myself as a separate entity from Twilight: Perhaps for 10-15 minutes I HAD been Twilight but the stress of the situation wouldn't let me stew on it. I also want to make a point that Sparking said that perhaps my subconscious was making connections I couldn't comprehend which would make sense considering the highs and lows of my trancing I've been having. Perhaps a few slow nights end in a big pay out...? Things to ponder ponies things to ponder...

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