entry 70- lets do this

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entry 70- lets do this

Post by KrazyDashie on Wed Mar 19, 2014 8:16 am

hey everypony (sorry for lack of updates)

so. I haven't really done a session in like... two months? no wait, one month. anyway. I have been challenging ponies to games xD (well, I have been since the first few months I started hypno) I mean, I would challenge, and start to brag how good I am. (since, well, that's just me. its just my nature to brag about my, heh. awesome skills X3) though I win most of the time (most= once) I still get pretty upset that I lost Toungue 

up on her cloud,


-stay awesome :3
- [keeeepppp smiling :DD]
-{eat muffins ;D}

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