Part 2 of ~*Epic Amazing Rainbow Journey*~

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Part 2 of ~*Epic Amazing Rainbow Journey*~

Post by Shade on Sat Apr 13, 2013 3:11 am

I did a very late-night hypnosis today, and needless to say it was very intriguing.

This was the first time I did a full hypnosis session by myself. It wasn't the session itself that was most interesting; it was really the after effects. Once the session was over, I got up and started walking around. I felt pretty dizzy and shaky.
You know how you sometimes shiver when that gust of unexpected wind hits you? It was like that, but I wasn't even cold, and there was nothing I could do to control it.

Other than that, I haven't changed physically. Most of the mental changes are hard for even me to notice, but I have been told that it's working.
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Re: Part 2 of ~*Epic Amazing Rainbow Journey*~

Post by Fleetfoot on Thu Jun 27, 2013 12:27 am

This happened to me after my second and third attempts to get a proper induction. I'm not certain, but I believe it is the body reacting negatively to the suggestions (nervous energy, maybe?) You might want to take a break if this happens repeatedly.


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