Day 9- Some Shortcomings

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Day 9- Some Shortcomings

Post by RandomComputerNerd on Mon Apr 15, 2013 6:51 am

Had some terrible luck over the weekend considering that my family has apparently made it their life goal to make sure i don't get an hour to myself. Every time i went to do a hypnosis session something came up and they're barging in the room or making me go somewhere with them. Blegh.

I did get a few sessions in however, and felt some progress most notably in the horn, fur, and hooves. I felt as if i had real fur, almost as if i was a fuzzy toy! The horn i could definitely start feeling, but only a slight bump and nothing more. I also got to experience hoof lock for the first time whilst out of hypnosis. I was working on the laundry for my mother and then i just couldn't use my fingers. This lasted for about half an hour, so i pretty much just clapped my hooves together to pick the clothes up. Was very awkward.

I can't seem to make any progress with the Trigger though, no matter how much i want it to happen. If anyone can shed some light on this i would most definitely appreciate it!
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