5-4-13 entry

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5-4-13 entry

Post by MayzlDash on Sat May 04, 2013 8:44 pm

So I have noticed something different.. slightly
I have been taking art as an elective since kindergarten (yeah, my elementary school had an art class), and I do enjoy art. I just don’t get as excited about it as I am now. I love drawing things, everything! And on top of that, my sketches look better too!
I considered not posting this, because it doesn’t appear to be a Rainbow Dash talent, but it is strange that it has come now, after all of these years that I have done art. I don’t know, I may or may not be from hypnosis.
I have been using my mouth much more. What I mean by that is if both my hands are full, I will hold a pencil or whatever in my mouth instead, without even thinking about it.
Some people are weirded out by it, but I’m already known as the strange kid so nobody who matters to me cares.
It just feels more natural than trying to hold too much in my increasingly harder to utilize hands.
I still haven’t had a chance to test the 3.0 file yet. Busy lives are not conducive to long files…
I have been feeling rather useless lately.
I am going to try my hand at script writing using the easy hypno writing template… thing.
Maybe I will be successful, maybe I won’t. I am going to try to write a Big MacIntosh file, as that seems like the easiest of the requested scripts…
I have been making a bookmarks folder of cool Rainbow Dash art on my laptop for whenever I feel like changing my avatar, (Not really necessary info but, I wanted to share)
So my journals have just become a random collection of my random thoughts, but at least I am posting entries, right?
-Rainbow Dash

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