5-5-13 entry

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5-5-13 entry

Post by MayzlDash on Sun May 05, 2013 5:43 pm

Alright it’s the moment I have been waiting for, the 3.0 file! I have that nice after-shower feeling and tons of time, so here goes nothing:
Session Type: 3.0
Tracks: Rainbow Dash (Moondust) 3.0 BGM + ind.
Time: 9:45 pm 5-4-13
Feelings before: the after-shower fuzzies. A tad sleepy..
Feelings after: I don’t have words
Ok, where to start….
Let me begin with this; Moondust, if you read this, I am very sorry about everything I said about the quality of this file. I made a snap judgment based on the first 30 seconds of the file. Your voice is lovely and exotic-sounding. There were a few words that I didn’t quite catch, but that was easily cured by reading through the script again.
Now, onto the effects…
During session:
-I love the new hoof wording, and it worked very well.
-I got rump and tail effects.
-Wings were a bit odd. They felt stronger, heavier, than I remember, and I assume faster!
-I had trouble with the ears story, it confused me… I might have to use Pony Ears more…
Oh, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the story with scoots and Cloudsdale stadium in the file.
After session:
-Hooflock in my right hand only, again. I seem to be only getting a consistent right hoof...
-I fell when I tried to get up.
-I feel different mentally too.. I just not really sure how
-Without even thinking, I reached for a light blue colored pencil to record all of this (actually, it says it is “sky blue”)
So, to conclude, this file is awesome and I will use it whenever I can. (finding time for a 45 min. session is not going to be easy..)
I had a very good day, when I woke up, my hair was already doing that Rainbow Dash “swoosh” without the need for the hair products I normally use.
I went roller skating today, something I had not done in almost two years now, after a failed school-sponsored skate party that ended in my crying in a corner because a few of my peers called me a freak because of my style of skate-dancing.
Anyway, I skated for a while before a hear a little voice behind me,
Turns out, a group of filly scouts I mentored at camp last weekend remembered me, by my “camp name”!
So during the 1.5+ hours I was there, every five or ten minutes one of them would wave and say, “hey Rainbow!”
And during the skate races, a group of them cheered me on from the sidelines. (Unfortunately, I failed spectacularly; 5th place..)
It was really a good experience, and now I am exhausted, but happy.
- “Rainbow”

~"Be Awesome"~
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Re: 5-5-13 entry

Post by Guest on Mon May 06, 2013 4:51 pm

OMGosh, that is _awesome_, Rainbow!!! Big Grin

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