First Post: Here We Go...

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First Post: Here We Go...

Post by Shining_Armor on Tue May 21, 2013 2:32 am

File used: Shining Armor with BGM + Induction loop
Supplemental Binaural Beats: 4.0 Hz, 6.0 Hz, 7.0 Hz all playing at the same time

Ok, so the first two nights I did this, it worked out pretty well...I was in hooflock for a good 15 minutes or so after waking up and doing the 'official' session' I have been feeling more protective of ponies and people I have never met, wanting to break up fights that I know are happening nearby, but I cannot see or at the nearby middle school...maybe that is just me remembering things that are best left in the past. Oh another change that I think may be permanent...My favorite colors have changed...they used to be Green and Black/dark I am a Blue/White stallion, er...guy...I still feel silly calling myself a 'stallion', but when I see a Twilight Sparkle call me Big Brother, or when I see BBBFF, or when somepony calls me Shining Armor, my heart skips a beat in excitement. That is all for now, see you tomorrow.
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