Second Post: 21/5/2013 Part 1

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Second Post: 21/5/2013 Part 1

Post by Shining_Armor on Tue May 21, 2013 8:47 am

File used: Shining Armor no BGM + Intro & lowered volume on Mandopony's Shining Armor song
Supplemental Binaural Beat: 2.0 Hz 'Nerve Regrowth'

Well, I had hooflock, but only for a few seconds, but this time, I really felt the buddings of my horn! Maybe I can use this initial time to try and expand the feeling of having a horn and try to reproduce the results? Does that even seem possible? I also felt as if my ears were wider, but they were still where normal human ears go...That is all for now, see you all later!
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